Clickfunnels – How to Duplicate a Page | Step By Step Tutorial

How to duplicate a page in a few seconds...

Have you been trying to figure out how to save yourself time and effort by duplicating your pages? 

This can be such a tremendous time saver, it's amazing and one of the best features that Clickfunnels has. 

Scroll below to see exactly how to do it in 30 seconds or less, step by step.

Note: If you learn better from video, click here to skip to the video demonstration

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Step 1: Find The "Clone Funnel Step" Button

The fastest way to duplicate any page in Clickfunnels is to find the "Clone Funnel Step" button. 

When you click this button, the funnel step (page) that you have selected on the left hand side menu will get duplicated. 

clickfunnels how to duplicate a page step 1

Look for the "Clone Funnel Step" Button in the bottom right corner

clickfunnels how to duplicate a funnel clone funnel step button

Step 2: Click the "Add To Funnel" Button

After clicking the "clone funnel step" button you will immediately see a new duplicate of the previous page on your screen. 

From here, you can click the edit page button and start editing the page like normal. 

However, if you want your new page to appear in the funnel as a "Funnel Step" on the left hand side...

Then you need to do one final step: Click the blue "Add To Funnel" button below the page editor. 

clickfunnels how to duplicate a page step 2 add to funnel button
clickfunnels how to duplicate a page step 2 add to funnel button

Step 3: See Your New Duplicate Page In The "Funnel Steps" Menu

After adding the new page to your funnel, it will appear on the left hand side in your funnel steps for this particular funnel. 

clickfunnels how to duplicate a page step 3

Video Tutorial: Want To See It Done Step By Step? Watch Below

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